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Importance Of Marketing
A lot of times an establishment may get to catechize on the highlights of marketing as someone may turn a blind eye on this department which is really crucial for the wellbeing of a company. In this discussion we are going to analyze the importance of marketing which involves the activities of buying, advertising, distributing a given product or service.
There are a lot of advantages but before that let us have a look on some of the marketing mix before one can venture into marketing as a whole. One of them is product first and foremost one must establish the type of commodity they are producing or even the service they are rendering and what the product is made of and who are they making it for this is just but a few questions that have to keep ringing in their minds.
The other thing is the selling price as one should be considerate such that to arrive at cost that will not cause loss to you or customers find that you are too pricy. Another marketing mix that one has to consider is the promotion different ways of putting your product out other so that customers may get to know of them such methods may include advertising, the online platform, giving people offers , sampling are among the many methods a company may use to make their products move. The position is really crucial and as we know about mapping the area out as to get to have an idea of the potential clients. A given product may not do so well in a given region due to a number of issues like cultural beliefs and so on but may thrive in another place.
One of the importance is that it is able to be a source of livelihood for the citizens as they get to make a living. The significance is that it is able to become a channel for the firm to gain profit which results in the company doing well hence even tax returns which build the country.
Marketing acts as a source of new ideas as it is always changing so it is up to the marketing teams to think of new ways of attracting potential clients so that they are able to keep demand the high. The advantage is that there is able to be creation of strife and this makes the firm to work tirelessly and aggressive as to be able to emerge the top among competitors as marketing is the channel to compete on. The selling of products is able to create a forecast for the firm as to what is thriving as opposed to those products as the marketing department is able to make an analysis.
The positive side is that the company is that it is able to build prominence as through the various aspects of marketing it is able to create a niche for itself . In the end it is good to hold marketing in high regards as without it the business will not thrive.

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